Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pulp Friction

This was one of Byron's alternative-dance-spectaculars at the Asylum. It felt kinda good to shoot some intentionally out-of-focus hyper-noisy pics from the hip as a "fuck you" to my generally anal photographic tendencies.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sacred & Profane

Battery Steel, a defense structure built during WWII on Peak's Island, provides the setting for the annual Sacred & Profane celebration.

After a 20-minute procession from the ferry landing (led by an RV dressed as a magical white elephant that shat gold styrofoam) the 150-or-so of us eagerly arrived at the site where it all happens: an overgrown, dark and damp graffiti-tagged military monstrosity.

The whole interior is transformed into a candle-lit multi-media art space for this one-day event. This year, there were musical and theatrical performances, sculptural and painted pieces as well as sound and video installations throughout the building.

I lost track of time and took a lot of pictures.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jordan's Fine Meat Products

I like to take my camera to places that are dark, disused and smelling of decomposition. Hence my love of Jordan's Meat Factory.

The massive meat-packing factory has been closed for maybe five years now. Since its closure, it has housed squatters (later evicted in a large-scale police raid) and provided the setting for underground art and FBI training. Fungi have formed there and pigeons have died there.  

There's still power there.