Sunday, September 28, 2008

All Tomorrow's Parties

Kutsher's, a Jewish "borscht-circuit" resort in Monticello, NY, hosted last weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties music festival.  Olly and I were lucky enough to be there with about 2,000 other '90s music nostalgists.

The bands were mostly really good but you'd be better off reading about them at Pitchfork:

The pictures here explore the mostly unseen parts of the resort, parts that ranged from pretty weird to pretty nightmarish.  (Ask Olly about the basement toilets whose seats were duck-taped down as though to prevent something from crawling out).

I found that the creepiest thing about the resort's nether-regions was the pervasive feeling of contrivance I got when visiting them; everything seemed staged for my photographing pleasure.  I often felt as though I were discovering not an abandoned space but rather a well-preserved art installation.

Though I was initially mad at myself for not bringing my nice camera, I think the graininess and subdued tones captured by my early-'70s vintage Canonet are actually pretty well-suited to the subject matter.  

Overall, it was a pretty fuzzy weekend.