Saturday, December 13, 2008


This first image isn't mine ( doesn't seem to know that the building was razed months ago): by the time I found the Saco restaurant/hotel, no one with a walker would have dared enter, even for a lobster special.

I'm posting these today because yesterday I bought a great Matt Robbins photo at the Bakery Collective auction which he shot of the front of this place last winter during a snow storm.

I only got interiors:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Portland Nights

I didn't even trespass once while shooting these.

Nonetheless, I had a small run-in with the police after taking a picture of the front of a convenience store (below). I think the combination of a hood and tripod was a little too scary for a Cumberland Ave neighbor who alerted the authorities of my questionable activities.

After convincing two officers (one arrived as back-up just after the first) that my motives were benign I continued my wanderings but soon realized I was being tailed; it took them about an hour to lose interest in me.